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The Baltic Sea Pharma Platform (BSR Pharma) is a flagship under the PA Hazards of EUSBSR. The BSR Pharma brings together projects and stakeholders from the Baltic Sea Region (BSR) to promote work carried out the pharmaceuticals in the environment topic, and to facilitate knowledge-transfer. The BSR Pharma focuses on pharmaceuticals in the environment, with the focus being ultimately shaped by platform participants. The main objective of the BSR Pharma is to act as a platform for knowledge transfer on the issue within the BSR. Thus, the BSR Pharma does not actively produce concrete outputs, but provides a platform for discussing and promoting the outputs produced in relevant projects.

The BSR Pharma was developed and established by the PA Hazards coordinator, Swedish environmental protection agency (SEPA) in 2017. SEPA coordinated the BSR Pharma until spring 2021, after which the lead role was transferred to the Finnish environment institute (SYKE). During the years 2017–2020 the BSR Pharma arranged several seminars and project development workshops, the last of which was arranged in 12/2019, in conjunction with the final seminar of the EUSBSR flagship project MORPHEUS. 

From 2021 onwards, the aim is to keep up the work established by SEPA in arranging project development workshops and seminars/webinars. In addition to these, the BSR Pharma will be kept active through a newsletter. Platform participants will be actively invited to share information through the BSR Pharma.The BSR Pharma is built on three interlinked pillars: collaboration network, activities and policy development. The activities of the BSR Pharma rely on active stakeholder participation, and good connections to relevant projects on the region. On the other hand, the planned activities help promote knowledge transfer between countries and to find potential project partners and stakeholders from different countries.

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Published 2021-06-18 at 16:33, updated 2023-04-18 at 19:48