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Blue health and wealth from the Baltic Sea – a participatory systematic review for smart decisions BONUS ROSEMARIE

Project BONUS ROSEMARIE is summarized in the video above.

NEW: BONUS ROSEMARIE Policy Briefs published

Final seminar of three BONUS Synthesis Projects
"Baltic Sea Science Synthesized – Time to Take Evidence-based Actions for the Well-being of the Sea and People" 
was held 16th of June 2020.

Upload the seminar slides here: 

To support smart decisions, which consider and integrate the long-term ecological sustainability with the current and future human needs, BONUS ROSEMARIE carries out systematic reviews of the Baltic Sea ecosystem services, their impact on human health and well-being and how monetary and non-monetary valuation methods can help in decision making.

BONUS ROSEMARIE works closely with government, business and civil society organization representatives to identify their evidence needs. The aim is to produce relevant and reliable results that are likely to lead into action.

BONUS ROSEMARIE delivers three high-quality scientific review papers. The work will follow the systematic review guidelines and standards that Collaboration for Environmental Evidence (CEE) has developed for the evidence synthesis.

The preliminary working titles of the syntheses papers are:

  1. Synthesis on the state and future of the intermediate and final Baltic Sea ecosystem services
  2. Synthesis on the importance of the Baltic Sea ecosystem on the human health and well-being
  3. Synthesis on suitable valuation methods to guide smart decisions to achieve sustainable use of the Baltic Sea ecosystem services

Each of these syntheses papers will be accompanied by a policy brief that is produced together with the end-users. For the general public the project results will be summarized in an animation.

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