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Nordic Environmental Footprint Conference

Conference sessions

DATE: 18 September 2018
PLACE: Finlandia Hall, Mannerheimintie 13, Helsinki, Finland

Coffee 9 - 10.15

Opening session, 10.15 
The session will highlight the overall objectives of the new methodologies, and EU Commission presents the new methodologies. What are the challenges for the market to become an active driver for circular economy? The session will also address the common rules of especially the PEF, how the category rules (PEFCRs) will deliver a more transparent and credible communication of environmental information in supply chains and in the communication to consumers. Also the next steps in the future development will be addressed.

Lunch 11.45 -12.30

Business to Business communication, 12.30 
The session will give examples on how companies may use the new methodologies in their supply chain and combining the OEF with relevant PEFCRs.

Coffee 14 - 14.30

Business to Consumers communication, 14.30 
The session will discuss how the public may experience a new environmental communication in every day purchasing in future. How may the type 1 ecolabels like the EU-Flower and the Nordic Swan be influenced by the new methodology? How may the systems be used in a combination to promote an overall greening of the market?

The Political dimension – a panel discussion, 16.00 
How may the new methodology be influencing the European market in its sustainable development – need for both legislative and voluntary measures? Panelists are high level politicians and officials and EF steering group members.

End of the conference, 17.00

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