Algal bloom monitoring July 25, 2019: Cyanobacteria have further increased in the Finnish sea areas and lakes

Press release 2019-07-25 at 13:19
Satelliittikuva sinilevästä Helsingin edustalla
Satellite image taken on July 24, 2019. © ESA Copernicus Sentinel-2 data, SYKE

The amount of cyanobacteria has increased since last week, and it may continue to increase if the weather stays warm. Cyanobacteria are abundant especially in the Southern and South-Western Finnish sea areas. In lakes, the amount of cyanobacteria has increased clearly since last week, and now there are slightly more cyanobacterial observations from lakes than usually during this time of the summer. More in Finnish.

In addition to the national blue-green algal monitoring, the Finnish Environment Institute has today published an additional release about the Baltic Sea's blue-green algae situation.


Algae bloom risk analysis

Significant risk of blue-green algae blooms in summer across Finnish sea areas – warm and sunny summer may dramatically increase occurrence of blooms (Press release June 6)

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