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  • More vegetables, more contact with nature, less food waste - new operating model for day-care centres 2019-12-09
    Children like vegetables, fruit, and berries that they have grown and cooked themselves. Day-care centres can reduce their food wastage through long-term cooperation and planning. Interaction between children and nature can be enhanced by taking long excursions into the outdoors, by planting and nurturing plants, and by letting children play with natural materials, soil, and natural water. These results are confirmed by Nature step towards wellbeing (Luontoaskel hyvinvointiin), a project aimed a
  • More reliable information with Product Environmental Footprint 2019-11-21
    There are dozens of different environmental labels and ecodesign tools for products in operation in the marketplace. The environmental information on products intended for consumers should be harmonised. This would also contribute to a level of competitive playing field.The environmental footprint, which was developed based on life cycle assessment, increases the accuracy, reliability and comparability of environmental information of products.
  • SYKE Policy Brief: Ecological compensation needs to be used to secure biodiversity 2019-11-20
    In ecological compensation local damage caused by construction or industry is offset by improving biodiversity elsewhere. The principle is that the compensation is paid by the one that causes the damage. The SYKE Policy Brief published today states that legislation is needed to create rules for the compensation. The publication is aimed at decision-makers and companies.
  • Only some biodegradable plastics actually decompose rapidly in the Baltic Sea 2019-11-14
    The Finnish Environment Institute has studied how biodegradable and bio-based materials actually decompose in the Baltic Sea marine environment. A set of tests in the sea revealed that some materials decomposed almost completely within six months, while others decomposed not very much at all in the course of the entire year.
  • International Landscape Day to be celebrated with a photo contest and scenic walks 2019-10-15
    International Landscape Day will be celebrated on Sunday 20 October 2019. This year, the aim is to use Landscape Day to draw particular attention to the value of water in the landscape.
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