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  • Doctoral dissertation: The duration of the ice cover of Finnish inland waters has shortened, and seasonal winter and spring discharges have increased 2019-02-19
    The duration of the ice cover on Finnish inland waters has shortened due to milder winters. Correspondingly, the seasonal river discharges in winter and spring have increased, reports a new doctoral dissertation. Johanna Korhonen, Development Manager of the Finnish Environment Institute, studied the long-term changes and variability of the winter and spring season hydrological regime in Finland. Her doctoral dissertation will be examined at the University of Helsinki on 22 February.
  • is a new map for mariners 2019-02-08 is a new map for boaters, people with holiday homes and anyone on the coast. The service provides information generated by several Finnish organisations on topics such as the weather and conditions at sea, guest harbours, places of interest and nature and the state of environment. It also offers photographs, satellite imagery and many other types of interesting information.
  • Advancing assessment of nutrient load impact on coastal water quality 2019-01-16
    The impact of nutrient load on the quality of coastal waters can now be modelled with improved precision and realism. The new model system developed in the Finnish Environment Instute offers a new tool for monitoring water quality, planning river basin management measures and assessing the environmental impact of various human activities.
  • Eeva Primmer appointed new research director of SYKE 2019-01-10
    Dr Eeva Primmer, PhD in Agriculture and Forestry, Docent (Adjunct Professor) in Environmental Policy at the University of Helsinki, has been appointed as the new Research Director of the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE). She will take up her five-year office at the beginning of February.
  • Large EU Life project for Finland to mitigate climate change 2018-12-21
    The European Commission has granted 9.1 million euros to Finland to help mitigate climate change. The ‘Towards Carbon Neutral Municipalities’ (CANEMURE) project, which has been approved for the Life programme, will promote practical measures to mitigate climate change over the next six years. The total budget for the project is 15.3 million euros.
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