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  • The year of celebration for European landscapes 2020-09-07
    This autumn, we are celebrating landscapes as it is the 20th anniversary of the European Landscape Convention. Vibrant landscape is an important part of the European identity. Landscapes are celebrated in Finland in various ways such as a photography competition open to all, a photography campaign and scenic walks.
  • The Baltic Sea region’s waste management for unused medicines must be improved 2020-09-03
    CWPharma, a project funded by the EU’s Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme, has evaluated national-level practices for take-back and disposal of unused medicines and other pharmaceutical waste, for better understanding of the overall API situation in the region. Improper disposal of medicines is all too common and the implementation of take-back for unused medicines is highly heterogeneous in the region.
  • SYKE Policy Brief: Environmental impact needs to be considered in nutrition recommendations 2020-08-31
    Increasing the proportion of vegetables, legumes, and fish in the diet helps ease climate change, eutrophication of the Baltic Sea and inland waters, and the decline of biodiversity. SYKE's Policy brief, which was published today, emphasises that national nutrition recommendations must take both nutritional and ecological sustainability into account. The publication is directed at those who are drafting food policies, as well as decision-makers.
  • The chemical status of water bodies remains poor 2020-08-28
    The chemical status of Finnish lakes, rivers, and coastal waters has not yet improved, despite the concentrations of several chemicals falling below the limits set for them (EQS - Environmental Quality Standards). As the quality standards for a few permanent and bioaccumulative substances are exceeded throughout Finland, the chemical status of Finnish surface water is rated as poor.
  • Summary of algal bloom monitoring June-August 2020: Varying cyanobacterial blooms in lakes during the summer, unusual cyanobacterial observations in northern parts of the Bothnian Sea and the Kvarken 2020-08-27
    The cyanobacterial situation over the past summer has been variable both in inland waters and sea areas. The number of cyanobacterial observations during June–August followed the weather conditions quite closely. In lakes, coastal areas and the archipelago, the cyanobacterial summer began earlier than usual as a result of the warm early summer. In July, the cyanobacterial situation was calmer due to the cooler weather, but in mid-August, warm weather again enriched the cyanobacterial blooms.
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