Management system assessment

Finnish Environment Institute’s (Syke) management team is responsible for Syke’s management system. The management team assesses the appropriateness and suitability of Syke’s activities and management system on a regular basis. The observance and overall functioning of the system is monitored by the management system team. The observance of the management system is reviewed by internal audits and other assessments. The descriptions and guidelines in the system are reviewed at least every three years.

In principle, external audits are only conducted of certified or accredited activities and functions. The purpose of external audits is to verify how well Syke’s activities correspond with the set requirements and standards. The functioning and adequacy of the activity and environmental management system are assessed annually. Similarly, the laboratory services management system and the functioning of Syke’s sampler certification scheme are also reviewed annually.

Syke’s management team assesses the suitability, functioning and effectiveness of Syke’s management and environmental systems in relation to Syke’s activities every year. Generally, this is done as part of the general activity monitoring process. The management team’s management system assessment process consists of the monitoring of matters discussed and decisions made at the team’s meetings (monitoring of management team decisions), interim reporting, preparation of annual reports and, if necessary, separately arranged inspections.

Syke conducts systematic internal audits in order to assess the functioning of the management system and develop Syke’s activities by suggesting improvements. Internal audits are conducted in accordance with a separate annual plan.

Published 2021-02-23 at 18:02, updated 2023-01-19 at 15:16