Nautilus and old Aranda ships


Finnish Institute of Marine Research (FIMR) started using steamship Nautilus in 1903. It had been built for ichtyological and marine research, and stayed in use until 1938.


The First Aranda

In the summer of 1939, marine researchers started using the first ship called Aranda. It had originally been built as a passenger vessel, and was used for expeditions by schoolchildren. Before the outbreak of World War II, there was only enough time for one research expedition, and the vessel was 1945 handed over to the Soviet Union as war compensation.

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The Second Aranda

In 1953 the second ship, which inherited its predecessor's name Aranda, was ready. It was equipped with a diverse selection of instruments for marine, ichtyological and sea-bottom research. Although not an ice-breaker, Aranda was equipped to be used in the Turku archipelago during winter periods when ordinary ships could no longer be used, but the ice was too weak to carry vehicles. During the summer season, the ship was used for expeditions by FIMR until 1989.


The Third Aranda

In 1989 FIMR received a new research vessel which was designed only for research purposes and which fulfills the requirements of modern marine research. Like its two predecessors, the ship was called Aranda. It is the first Finnish research ship owned by FIMR. Nowadays, she is own by the Finnish Environment Institute.


The research vessel was christened by Mrs. Raija Voipio, who was the wife of the chief director of Finnish Marine Institute Mr. Aarno Voipio. Christening took place June 15th 1989. 

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During 2017–2018 Aranda underwent a major refit and modification at Rauma Marine Constructions' dockyard in Rauma, Finland, and the ship was modernized in many ways.

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