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Spatial datasets

SYKE’s open spatial datasets can be downloaded or browsed using map services. Information about the properties of the datasets and services is described in metadata. Spatial datasets are available only in Finnish, but most metadata descriptions are available also in English.

Download services under the INSPIRE directive provide SYKE's INSPIRE content mainly through Atom feeds as GML files. Some of the materials have also been published through the WFS direct access. Additionally, the site has an "as is" Atom feed for downloading shape files that are not in conformity to the INSPIRE data specifications.

SYKE applies Creative Commons BY 4.0 International license for open datasets.

Download Service LAPIO is a map application, which makes it possible to download SYKE's spatial datasets by clipping data layers with the boundaries of municipalities, provinces or self-defined rectangles.
Dataset packages covering the whole country
INSPIRE download services
National web map services


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