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Social media


SYKE’s communication team updates SYKE’s Facebook profile with interesting environmental news every weekday. The target audience is regular citizens, so the approach is both informative and popular.

SYKE joined Facebook in June 2012, and the profile has gained several thousand likes.


SYKEn @pinnanalta Twitter SYKE has a Twitter profile @SYKEint which reports on topical environmental issues.

SYKE's hydrologists have their own Twitter profile @pinnanalta ('from under water'), which informs on topical hydological news.

SYKE maintains Twitter profile of state of the environment @ymparistontila


SYKE in LinkedIn.


Ratkaisuja-blogi ('Solutions') is written by SYKE's directors, researchers and experts. Available only In Finnish.


SYKE uploads videos that are related to its activities and research on its own Youtube channel.

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