Gypsum amendment of agricultural fields as a collaboration form in improving the state of the Baltic Sea (NordGypsum)

The NordGypsum project deepens the cooperation that was started in 2019-2021 in the project "Improving the water quality of the Baltic Sea with gypsum treatment of fields - Gypsum Initiative" implemented with IBA funding (funding for cooperation in the Baltic Sea, Barents and Arctic regions). The project aims to promote in other Baltic Sea countries the knowledge about the effects applying gypsum on fields to reduce phosphorus loadings gained in numerous Finnish projekcts. In order to promote gypsum processing in other central Baltic Sea coastal states, the Baltic Sea Interreg project GYPREG - "Tackling agricultural phosphorus load by soil amendments" is also underway, led by Syke.

Aims of the NordGypsum-project: 

  • Promote gypsum amendment on agricultural fields in Norway and Denmark
  • By knowledge sharing find the appropriate operation modes for the local agri-environmental conditions
  • Identify the target groups who support the introduction of the gypsum measure
  • Demonstrate the measure to target groups
  • Evaluate the potential of gypsum amendment in e.g. Norway and Denmark
Published 2024-02-02 at 14:55, updated 2024-02-02 at 14:55
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