Instructions for the Advanced Search

The basic search function is located on the top right corner of the page. You can enter one or several words in the search box. Clicking the "Search" button will start the search.
  • When typing in more than one search word the system adds an AND-operator between the words. The system will then search for websites containing all the entered words.
  • You can add the * mark at the end of search words. This will allow you to search for a specific part or unit of a word. For example when typing in health* the search function will look for material concerning healthcare.
  • You can also use quotation marks, in which case the search word will be treated as a phrase. This means that in order for the search function to be able to find the phrase, it has to be included in the data as it is.

The Finnish Environment Institute's website is available in three languages. The search is limited to the language version of the website you are visiting when initiating the search.

The search function will also look for the search words in the attachment files (MS Office 2003, 2007, 2010 and pdf documents).

Advanced search

You can also limit and specify your search. The search options are located on the right side column of the Advanced search page.

The search options on the right side column will reappear in the search result page. From the headline of the search function you can see the subject the search is limited to as a default (eg. news search).

You can also delete the predetermined limit to the search and extend your search to cover the whole website.