Co-operation for nature conservation in northwest Russia

The main targets of the cooperation on nature conservation in northwest Russia is to promote the conservation of biodiversity and to support the development of a representative network of protected areas. Cooperation has continued since the 1970s in form of working groups, projects, expeditions and joint publications. Long-term nature conservation cooperation has contributed to the establishment of new protected areas and dense networks of experts.

Nature conservation cooperation is implemented between Finland and Russia and as joint projects between Nordic countries and northwest Russia. The Barents Protected Area Network project (BPAN, 2011-2017) and the work on the English edition of the publication “Gap Analysis of Northwest Russia” are continuation for the Finnish–Russian Development Programme on Sustainable Forest Management and Conservation of Biodiversity in Northwest Russia (1997-2011).

Old forest in Karelia, Russia © Jyri Mikkola

The Finnish-Russian Working Group on Nature Conservation

Founded in 1985, the Finnish-Russian Working Group on Nature Conservation is actively developing cooperation between Finland and the regions of northwest Russia. The working group follows current conservation issues, protection of endangered species and environmental education, as well as supports implementation of conservation projects, publications and events in Finland and north-west Russia.

Several organizations such as the Ministry of the Environment of Finland, the Finnish Environment Institute SYKE and Metsähallitus Natural Heritage Services as well as universities and ELY-centers participate in the work.

The Russian party of the working group functions under the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation, including experts from the regions of northwest Russia.

Presentations at Vaasa meeting 2015


Project Leader Anna Kuhmonen, Finnish Environment Institute,, tel. +358 295 251 322


Two new nature conservation areas to Russia near the Finnish border 2018-01-15
At the end of the Year of the Environment 2017 Russia decided to establish a new National Park in the Lake Ladoga archipelago and a new Nature Park on the islands of the Eastern Gulf of Finland and the surrounding waters. Both of these conservation areas have a counterpart on the Finnish side of the border.
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