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Summary reviews

Summary of algal bloom monitoring June-August 2021: The hot weather boosted the growth of cyanobacteria in the early summer – still the amount of cyanobacterial blooms was below average since mid-July 2021-08-30
During the summer, the cyanobacterial situation has varied in both Finnish lakes and sea areas. The amount of cyanobacteria was exceptionally at its peak in the sea areas already in mid-July. Even in inland waters, the sunny and calm weather of early summer, as well as the warm waters, accelerated the growth of cyanobacteria, and as a result cyanobacteria began to bloom earlier than usual at many of the national algal monitoring sites.
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Summary of algal bloom monitoring June-August 2020: Varying cyanobacterial blooms in lakes during the summer, unusual cyanobacterial observations in northern parts of the Bothnian Sea and the Kvarken 2020-08-27
The cyanobacterial situation over the past summer has been variable both in inland waters and sea areas. The number of cyanobacterial observations during June–August followed the weather conditions quite closely. In lakes, coastal areas and the archipelago, the cyanobacterial summer began earlier than usual as a result of the warm early summer. In July, the cyanobacterial situation was calmer due to the cooler weather, but in mid-August, warm weather again enriched the cyanobacterial blooms.
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Summary of algal bloom monitoring June-August 2019: Cyanobacteria were mostly mixed in the water in the Finnish sea areas, in lakes the cyanobacteria situation varied a lot 2019-08-29
During the past summer, large amounts of blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) were seen particularly in the northern part of the Baltic Sea’s main basin, at the entrance to the Gulf of Finland and south of the Åland Islands. Blue-green algae were observed as surface rafts at time to time, but the wind mainly kept it mixed in the water. In lakes, blue-green algae were seen mixed in the water and less large surface blooms were observed than in earlier monitoring years.
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Summary of algal bloom monitoring 2018: Sweltering summer brought exceptional cyanobacterial surface blooms to sea areas, in lakes abundant cyanobacterial blooms took place earlier 2018-08-30
In the Gulf of Finland, cyanobacterial blooms during the summer of 2018 were strongest for the 2010's. Surface blooms covered at worst almost the entire Gulf of Finland. Also in the southern parts of Archipelago Sea and Sea of Åland cyanobacterial surface blooms were abundant. In lakes cyanobacteria became abundant already in late June due to warm weather and cyanobacteria were observed in lakes more than typically until the beginning of August
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Summary of algal bloom monitoring 2017: Plenty of cyanobacteria in sea areas during July-August, but fewer observations of cyanobacteria than usual in lakes 2017-08-31
The algal situation in early summer was calm and cyanobacteria started to become more abundant only in July. In sea areas, cyanobacteria occurred abundantly especially in the northern Baltic proper and the western Gulf of Finland, but winds and cool seawater prevented the formation of conspicuous surface accumulations. In lakes, on average fewer observations of cyanobacteria than usual were made, with the exception of early July and late August.
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Incidence of cyanobacteria started early this summer, but towards the end of summer abundant cyanobacteria occurrences halted 2016-09-01
Cyanobacteria started to increase in abundance early this summer, but during late summer less cyanobacteria surface blooms were observed than normally. In the Finnish southwestern open sea areas cyanobacteria were abundant throughout the summer, but mixed in the water column, and long-lasting surface blooms did not develop. In lakes, cyanobacteria were abundant only occasionally during the summer, but in August exceptionally little cyanobacteria was observed.
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