SYKE’s vision is Sustainability Transformation!

News 2021-11-03 at 12:00

Finland is one of the top countries in overconsumption. Our unsustainable lifestyle accelerates biodiversity loss and climate change – two of the most pressing environmental crises of our time. Along with other Western countries, Finland needs to make a quick turn towards a new kind of society that enables a sustainable lifestyle.

Finnish Environment Institute SYKE’s newly formed strategy sets our vision to a sustainability transformation. SYKE supports the building of a sustainable society with research, knowledge, and services, also on an international level.

”We, who are now making decisions, have a unique opportunity to wield power wisely and stop the processes that are putting pressure on our environment. The change requires input from everyone, and SYKE’s job is to ensure that the transformation can happen”, says SYKE’s Director General Leif Schulman, who started in his new role early this year.

”Many of the problems we face already have solutions, but the key is to adopt new measures faster, for example fossil-free energy production. Change requires extensive co-operation and deep understanding of these issues, and scientific knowledge is a strong basis for that”, says Leif Schulman.

Sustainability across generational boundaries

SYKE’s crystallised values highlight global responsibility, equality and fairness over time. At the heart of our values is the intrinsic value of nature. The anxiety over biodiversity loss has recently reached the same kind of attention that climate change has done in recent years.

“SYKE employees want to make the world a better place for everyone. Our values are based on striving towards sustainability without loading an undue burden on anyone”, says Schulman.

Five main objectives towards sustainability transformation

In order to accelerate sustainability transformation SYKE has identified five main strategic objectives that will be addressed with research, expertise and services:

  1. We enhance climate change mitigation and adaptation.
  2. We advance the transition to a sustainable circular economy and bioeconomy.
  3. We support urban areas on their way to becoming forerunners of sustainability.
  4. We promote well-being through nature-based solutions and prevent biodiversity loss.
  5. We develop new approaches for reaching a good state of the seas and inland waters and achieving sustainable use of water resources.

SYKE will also use the new strategy to develop our ongoing activities such as environmental information value chains, leadership, financial basis, expertise, internationality, staff wellbeing and communication.

SYKE's strategy for 2021–2025, implementation programme for 2022–2025

SYKE’s new strategy for 2021–2025 was made in close collaboration with our staff and stakeholders. The strategy’s implementation programme for 2022–2025 will be reviewed yearly.

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