Sanna Marttinen continues as Executive Director of Tulanet

News 2022-11-22 at 15:30
Sanna Marttinen

PhD Sanna Marttinen has been elected as the Executive Director of Tulanet, a cooperation body of Finnish government research institutes, for the term 2023–2027. Sanna Marttinen has worked as the Executive Director of Tulanet for the now ending five-year term as well.

"I am happy that I can continue to do this impactful and interesting work. Research institutions play a key role in maintaining security of society and bringing transformation and renewal to industries and societies through solution-oriented research. We must actively remind the decision-makers of this", says Sanna Marttinen.

At the same time, she is happy about the increased cooperation between the directors and experts of the Tulanet organisations.
"A couple of dozen peer networks operate within Tulanet, and information and good practices are exchanged with a low threshold," says Sanna Marttinen.

Sanna Marttinen’s doctorate is from the field of environmental sciences and her home organisation is Natural Resources Institute Finland, one of the Tulanet organisations. Before the duties of executive director, Sanna Marttinen has worked in various research and development positions. She has led several domestic and international interdisciplinary projects, which have included cooperation with both public administration and companies.

The position of executive director was open for applications in September. Staff members of Tulanet organisations were able to apply for the position. By the deadline, five people applied for the position.


  • Chairperson of Tulanet, Director General Leif Schulman, Finnish Environment Institute, tel. +3582 952 52300
  • Director General Markku Tervahauta, Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare, +3582 952 46001


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