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Anne-Mari Luhtanen

Anne-Mari Luhtanen kuva, Anne-Mari Luhtanen kuva


Marine Ecological Research Laboratory

E-mail: firstname.lastname@ymparisto.fi

Phone: +358 295 251 814


Finnish Environment Institute

Marine Research Centre

Address: Building EE, Agnes Sjöbergin katu 2, Viikki Campus, Helsinki, Finland

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Current task

I work as a researcher in Baltic Blue Biotechnology ALLIANCE -project. Blue biotechnology studies marine organisms and resources trying to discover and develop new commercial products, such as drugs, chemicals, food, and biofuels. In Alliance project, the resources of Baltic Sea research institutes are made available for blue biotechnology actors in the Baltic Sea region.



I have a MSc degree and PhD degree in microbiology from the Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences, University of Helsinki. I also studied marine biology. My dissertation topic was Virus-host systems in sea ice.

Research Topics


Scientific publications

I have authored several scientific articles and reports. Up-to date list can be found from Google Scholar.

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