Ari Nissinen

Development manager 

PhD (Environmental Science and Policy)

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Contact information

Tel.  +358(0)295251457
Finnish Environment Institute (Syke)
Climate solutions
Address: Latokartanonkaari 11,
00790 Helsinki, Finland

Research and expertise

  • sustainability assessment of products, services and consumption
  • green public procurement
  • integrated product policy
  • ecolabels
  • eco-efficiency of city planning


I have been working at the Finnish Environment Institute since February 2001. My research focus on sustainable consumption and production, and on integrated product policy. I have also studied the eco-efficiency of city planning. I have participated several working groups of EU Commission and Nordic Council of Ministers, and in Finland I have been for many years in the National Eco-labelling Board and in the Jury of the Eco-Car Competition. Before SYKE, I have worked at the Environmental protection agency of the City of Espoo, in the Ministry of Environment, at the Department of Forest Ecology in Helsinki University, and in Efektia Ltd (which was a consultant company of the Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities).

Project management

I have been the Project Manager for 11 large R & D projects with budgets ranging between 105 000 and 786 000 euros, and outer funding coming from the Academy of Finland and the Strategic Research Council, the Finnish Environmental Cluster Research Programme, Ministry of Environment and Ministry of Transport and Communications, Nordic Council of Ministers, Finnish National Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation (Tekes), and the Finnish Innovation Fund SITRA.

Below two most important on-going projects:


I have contributed to over 100 publications, of which 34 are articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals and research books.

Some examples:

Nissinen, A., Ilvesniemi, H. & Tanskanen, N. 1998. Apparent cation-exchange equilibria in podzolic forest soils. European Journal of Soil Science 49: 121-132.

Nissinen, A. & Hari, P. 1998. Effects of nitrogen deposition on tree growth and soil nutrients in boreal Scots pine stands. Environmental Pollution 102 S1: 61-68.

Nissinen A 2004. Guidebook on environmentally sound public purchasing (in Finnish, abstract in English), 80 p. Environment Guide 113. Finnish Environment Institute, Helsinki.

Nissinen A, Grönroos J, Heiskanen E, Honkanen A, Katajajuuri J-M, Kurppa S, Mäkinen T, Mäenpää I, Seppälä J, Timonen P, Usva K, Virtanen Y & Voutilainen P 2007. Developing benchmarks for consumer-oriented LCA-based environmental information on products, services and consumption patterns. Journal of Cleaner Production 15(6): 538-549.

Nissinen A & Parikka K 2007. Promoting factors and early indicators of a successful product panel. Journal of Cleaner Production 15 (17) 1674 -1682.

Nissinen A, Parikka-Alhola K & Rita H 2009. Environmental criteria in the public purchases above the EU threshold values by three Nordic countries: 2003 and 2005. Ecological Economics 68: 1838-1849.

Lehtoranta S, Nissinen A, Mattila M & Melanen M 2011. Industrial symbiosis and the policy instruments of sustainable consumption and production. Journal of Cleaner Production 19(16):1865-1875.

Parikka-Alhola K & Nissinen A 2012. Environmental Impacts and the Most Economically Advantageous Tender in Public Procurement. Journal of Public Procurement 2012; 12 (1): 43-80

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Nissinen A, Heiskanen E, Perrels A, Berghall E, Liesimaa V & Mattinen M.K. 2015. Combinations of policy instruments to decrease the climate impacts of housing, passenger transport and food in Finland. Journal of Cleaner Production 107: 455–466.

Salo M, Nissinen A, Lilja R, Olkanen E, O’Neill M & Uotinen M 2016. Education, training, tools and services to enhance sustainable household consumption. Journal of Cleaner Production 121, 200-207.

Salo M & Nissinen A 2017. Consumption choices to decrease personal carbon footprints of Finns. Reports of the Finnish Environment Institute 30/2017.

Suikkanen J & Nissinen A 2017. Circular economy and the Nordic Swan ecolabel - An Analysis of Circularity in the Product-Group-Specific Environmental Criteria. TemaNord 2017:553. Nordic Council of Ministers.

Suikkanen J & Nissinen A 2017. Product Environmental Footprint and the Nordic Swan Ecolabel:

Focus on Product Environmental Information. Nordic Working Papers 2017:910. Nordic Council of Ministers.

Nissinen A, Lähteenoja S, Alhola K, Antikainen R, Kaljonen M, Kautto P, Kuosmanen J, Lippo A & Salo M 2017. From goals to action – Vision and most important measures for sustainable consumption and production. Reports of the Finnish Environment Institute 31/2017.

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