Dana Hellemann

Postdoctoral researcher

PhD in Aquatic Sciences, University of Helsinki

Contact information

Work email: dana.hellemann@syke.fi
Phone number: 0295252288
Finnish environment institute (Syke)
Marine and freshwater solutions, Ecosystem Functions
Latokartanonkaari 11
00790 Helsinki


Research interests

I am a marine biogeochemist interested in benthic nitrogen cycling in coastal systems, biogeochemical responses to anthropogenic pressures, eutrophication dynamics, and ecosystem health. My current research focusses on nitrous oxide cycling in Baltic Sea coastal sediments, the role of organic carbon quality for benthic nitrate-reducing processes such as denitrification and DNRA, and internal nitrogen loading in the Baltic Sea coastal zone. I approach my research via microbial process rate measurements using stable isotope techniques, as well as via micro sensor techniques and porewater biogeochemistry.


Benthic nitrous oxide (N2O) cycling in a changing coastal sea (BENNO; PostDoc: Academy of Finland, 2022-2025)

Fate of legacy ammonium in the coastal Baltic Sea (PostDoc; CoastClim, 2022)

Check in with the microbes: using metagenomics and metatranscriptomics to comprehend seasonal organic carbon limitation of coastal benthic denitrification (PostDoc: Walter and Andrée de Nottbeck Foundation, 2022)

Elucidating seasonal substrate limitation of benthic nitrate reduction in the coastal Baltic Sea (PostDoc: Walter and Andrée de Nottbeck Foundation, 2020-2021)


Link to my publications: Research.fi 

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