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Marja Hagström

Marja Hagström


MSc (Analytical Chemistry), University of Helsinki

Finnish Environment Institute, SYKE
Laboratory Centre
Environmental Chemistry Research (YLAB)

Address: Mustialankatu 3, 00790 Helsinki
Email: firstname.surname@syke.fi
Tel: +358 29 525 1031


I work as a chemist in SYKE and I’m responsible of research, international projects and analytical services related to harmful organic compound analysis from environmental samples:

  • Organic compound method development, validation and environmental sample analysis, guidance of laboratory technicians and reporting.
  • Participation national and international research funding acquisitions and development of the services.


I started in SYKE in spring 2020. My background is from the University of Helsinki, both from the Faculty of Pharmacy and Verifin. There my main work was to analyse drugs and potential chemical warfare agents. I have also worked as a chair of Finnish Chromatography Society and been involved in Finnish Mass Spectrometry Society event arrangements.

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