Paula Kivimaa

Research professor

PhD, Docent
Academy of Finland Research Fellow

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Contact information

Finnish Environment Institute (Syke)
Climate solutions
Policies and risks
Tel. +358 (0)400 148849
Twitter @paulakivim

I work as a Research Professor in Syke’s Climate Solutions Unit, and its Policies and Risks Group. The theme of the professorship is Climate and Societal Transitions, and I work especially on energy and transport sectors. My aims are to make new research openings, develop novel approaches to research the interaction between climate policy and societal transitions, bring security and social justice perspectives into researching climate and energy transitions, and support the development of SYKE’s research expertise and international networking in this area. I am a sustainability transitions scholar examining systemic change and how public policy and public administration connects to it. I have led many projects related to transport, building energy efficiency and energy transitions. A significant proportion of my working hours is currently spent on an Academy of Finland Fellowship Project IDEALE that explores the connections between energy and national security policies. In addition, I am a member of the Finnish Climate Panel, and an Associate Editor of Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions.


  • Research and project management focused on decarbonisation of socio-technical systems (sustainability transitions)
  • Policy analysis (climate policy, energy policy, innovation policy, transport policy, security policy)
  • Innovation studies (low-carbon innovations in energy and mobility)
  • Policy advice (interaction with policymakers and civil servants in Finland and internationally)

Research interests

  • Low/zero carbon energy and mobility transitions
  • Building energy efficiency
  • Policy analysis and evaluation linking to sustainability innovation and transitions
  • Role of intermediary organisations in transitions
  • Climate, energy, transport and innovation policy
  • Security and geopolitics in sustainability transitions

Current projects

Completed projects


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