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Riikka Paloniemi

Riikka Paloniemi

Head of Unit

  • PhD, Docent of Environmental Policy (University of Helsinki)
  • Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE), Environmental Policy Center, Behavioral Change Unit
  • Email: firstname.lastname@ymparisto.fi
  • Phone: +358 295 251 493
  • Postal address: P.O.Box 140, 00251 Helsinki
  • Visiting address: Mechelininkatu 34a, Helsinki, Finland
  • @: Google Scholar, ResearchGate, Twitter, LinkedIn


I work as head of the Behavioral Change unit in the Environmental Policy Center of the Finnish Environment Institute.

Our multidisciplinary team aims to create prerequisites for more sustainable behavior, policy and decision making. We are studying the behavior of individuals and groups, and opportunities and challenges towards more sustainable behavior. 

The research interests of our group cover environmental justice and responsibility, everyday life, consumption and healthy lifestyles, as well as policies, institutions and practices relevant for sustainable behavior. 

The current projects focus on procedural environmental justice in regional scale land use planning (BRO), science-policy-society dialogue regarding biodiversity and ecosystem services (EKLIPSE), sustainable transition in the use of renewable energy (Futwend), and nature based solutions as a way to solve societal challenges (TASAPELI).

Current projects

Health and Environment Research Agenda for Europe (HERA)

Healthy Lifestyles to Boost Sustainable Growth (STYLE)

Governing Digital Commons (GODICO): Governance Frameworks for the Opening and Sharing of Natural Resource Knowledge

EKLIPSE – knowledge and learning mechanism on biodiversity and ecosystem services

Towards a future-oriented “Energiewende”: An anticipatory multi-level approach to the decentralised renewable energy transition (FutWend)

Published 2021-01-26 at 8:09, updated 2021-01-26 at 8:09

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