Sari Kauppi

Photo: Kai Widell.

Senior Research Scientist

PhD (Environmental Sciences)

Phone: +358 295 251 268

Finnish Environment Institute SYKE
Programme for Sustainable Circular Economy
Latokartanonkaari 11
FI-00790 Helsinki

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I am environmental ecologist and work as a senior research scientist at the Programme for Sustainable Circular Economy. My special responsibilities in the programme are sustainable and safe circular economy and especially harmful substances and plastics in the circular economy. Previously I have worked as a researcher at the University of Helsinki, and I studied natural attenuation and bioremediation of organic contaminants in soil and water. I did laboratory work, e.g. chemical analyses and I used molecular techniques when I studied bacteria by their DNA. Last years I have focused my research in environmental impacts of mining and worked in several projects such as Sustainable Acceptable Mining (SAM), stress testing of Finnish mines and Adaptation Actions for a Changing Arctic (AACA –project,

I also have education in business and experience of operating business of my own, so the demands of the business world are familiar to me.


At the moment I have focused on doing research about safety of circular economy and how to take account chemicals in circular economy.


  • Chemicalization of the environment
  • Hazardous substances in circular economy
  • Organic contaminants
  • Natural attenuation and bioremediaton of oil contaminated soil and water


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