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Sari Väisänen


Fresh Water Centre

Email: firstname.lastname@ymparisto.fi
Tel.  +358 295 251 760
Skype: syke-sari.vaisanen

Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE)
Fresh Water Centre
Latokartanonkaari 11, 00790 Helsinki, Finland


Twitter @SariVaisanen

Sari Väisänen @LinkedIn

Sari Väisänen @ResearchGate

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Present role

I work as a researcher in Fresh Water Centre.


I have research background on benefit assessment of non-market goods (contingent valuation method) and estimating and modelling of nutrient loadings from agricultural areas.

Current research interests

  • Willingness to pay studies related to different non-market goods (e.g. ground waters, real-estate specific flood control measures and restoration of forest streams)
  • Nutrient recycling  in agriculture
  • CV (pdf)

Research activities

BONUS- project: Reducing Emissions by Turning Nutrients and Carbon into Benefits

The Nordic Council of Ministers- project: Arctic Freshwater Capital in the Nordic Countries (CAPITAL)

Development Fund of the Agriculture- project: Circulating water – Recycling nutrient in agriculture and the effects on water (in Finnish)


I have produced scientific articles and research reports, and other types of communication material for science community, experts and wide audience in English and Finnish.

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