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Virpi Lehtoranta


Development engineer, Lic. Sc. (Tech)
Freshwater Centre

E-mail: firstname.lastname@ymparisto.fi
Phone: +358 295 251 361
Skype: yha.syke.lehtoranta.virpi
Twitter: @LehtorantaVirpi

Post address: Latokartanonkaari 11, 00790 Helsinki, Finland

Current role

I work as a development engineer mainly in the field of water and watercourse management. Projects I’m involved in cover research and development and expert services. I do also participate in various water resources related projects. Current work contains assessment of monetary benefits of surface and groundwater and flood risk management.


My role of expertise on water and watercourse restoration methods broadened soon to entail coordinating duties of regional environmental centers (current ELY-centers) regarding lake and river restoration activities. My interest on these themes gradually expanded to assessment of restoration benefits which gave me a topic of my licentiate thesis (Aalto University 2013). During the last ten years my current work duties in our multidisciplinary work group have focused on valuing and monetizing the benefits of changes in the surface water quality or water level. That is, I’m very familiar with managing and carrying out surveys to the public and doing statistical analyses from the data.

Research interests

  • Assessing and valuing ecosystem services
  • Water and watercourse management and restoration
  • Surveys to the public
  • Statistical analyses

Projects, ongoing or recently ended

  • Socio-economic analyses of surface water management and restoration in Lake Saarijärvi waterway (Freshabit LIFE IP)
  • Potential and Pitfalls of Alternative Approaches to Ecosystem Service Valuation (ValuES)
  • Ecosystem services and development of sustainable nature-based recreation and tourism (VirKein, in Finnish)
  • Valuing benefits of river basin management (guidance and tools for the regional water authorities)
  • Arctic Freshwater Capital in the Nordic Countries (Capital)
  • Benefits of restoring stream restoration in forested watersheds (ReFFECT, REFORM and METSÄPURO)


I have written several professional and scientific articles during the three decades. In addition, I have prepared popular presentations and articles for the public, researchers and experts.

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