Circular economy infographics

On this site you find a collection of circular economy illustrations and infographics from SYKE publications over the years. The content is free to download and use. Clicking on the titles on this page opens individual image pages with larger images.

Using the images: You can download each image through the individual image pages. Sources are pre-attached to each image. Some image pages also have suggestions for captions to use with the image.

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Policy instruments and levels of the circular economy



The elements and benefits of the circular economy



Managing chemicals in the circular economy



Raw material consumption and economic development
in Finland


A circular economy allows reduction
in the consumption of natural resources


Material flows in Finland 2015



The concept of sustainable circular bioeconomy



Not a single country has achieved a high level
of well-being in an ecologically sustainable way


Social goals that have been achieved by Finland
and how they relate to the planetary boundaries


The planetary boundaries



Cropland area required around the world
by Finnish food consumption


Regulatory framework for management
of chemicals during the life cycle of a product. 


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