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This manual replaces the 'Manual for Integrated Monitoring - Programme Phase 1993-1996' (Helsinki 1993), by which the UNECE ICP Integrated Monitoring was guided. At the Programme Task Force meeting in Vienna, Austria, 27-29 March 1996, it was decided to update the former manual and two working groups were established to update the relevant subprogrammes. The members of these groups: Elke Bieber (Germany), Sven Bråkenhielm (Sweden), Martin Forsius (Finland), Sergei Gromov (Russian Federation), Ramon Guardans (Spain), John Innes (Switzerland), Ales Pacl (Czech Republic), Michael Starr (Finland), Serguei Semenov(Russian Federation), Kjetil Tørseth (Norway) and Dick de Zwart (Netherlands), have carried the main responsibility for the revision work. The manual has been finalized by the IM Programme Centre with the assistance of the editorial group: Sven Bråkenhielm, John Innes and Michael Starr. Also a number of National Focal Points and individual scientists have contributed to the work.

The subprogrammes of this manual have as far as possible been harmonised with comparable activities of the other programmes under the UNECE LRTAP Convention (mainly ICP Forests, ICP Waters and EMEP). The manual also contains the first versions of a new (optional) subprogramme 'Toxicity Assessment (TA)', as well as an overview on the monitoring of persistent organic pollutants (POPs) and heavy metals. Moreover, it defines the different programme levels in a general framework of causes and effects.

This manual was accepted at the IM Task Force meeting in Tallinn, April 20-22, 1998 with minor changes incorporated by the editorial group and the IM Programme Centre. Some small corrections and updates have been included by the Programme Centre in 2001, 2003 and 2004. Changes in reporting of biological data (subprogrammes: VG, VS) were incorporated in 2010.

Manual was transferred to new web-pages (syke.fi) in 2013.

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