Baltic Blue Biotechnology Alliance – ALLIANCE


The Finnish Environment Institute is participating in the Interreg project Baltic Blue Biotechnology Alliance (Baltic Blue Biotechnology Alliance; ALLIANCE) that gathers together blue biotechnology experts from all around the Baltic Sea region (BSR). In the project, the resources of BSR research institutes are made available for blue biotechnology actors in the BSR. The aim of the project is to facilitate and accelerate the commercialisation of Baltic Sea resource based products.

Blue Biotechnology on the look for products and solutions

Blue biotechnology studies marine organisms and natural resources, trying to discover and develop new commercial products, such as drugs, chemicals, food, and biofuels. The blue biotechnology solutions may also offer new possibilities to preserve a clean and diverse marine environment. The marine biota is particularly diverse, and there is a large potential to discover new products. For now, however, the biochemical composition of the marine biota and its usability are only a little studied. The potential of blue biotechnology and marine bioresources has been noticed at EU level, and different funding instruments are helping to advance circular economy and the sustainable utilization of marine resources.

The Alliance project offers support for actors in the field of blue biotechnology

The Alliance project systematically and transnationally combines the know-how of the Alliance partners to meet the needs of blue biotechnology R&D and marketing activities. Together with their target users, SMEs and start-ups, the Alliance aims to enable growth within the field of blue biotechnology by developing working procedures that ensure the effective use of marine resources, infrastructure and know-how in the BSR.

The Alliance project concretely supports blue biotechnology actors. The aim of the Alliance project is to present at least five successful cases, where the Alliance partners have helped in the development of a blue biotech commercial product. The Alliance partners offer their know-how to technology companies regarding R&D, laboratory services, marketing, networking, and legal advice.

Additional information

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Researcher Anne-Mari Luhtanen
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