Environmental Monitoring and Management Capacity Building in the Kyrgyz Republic

Project Description

The overall objective of the project was to strengthen environmental management and monitoring capacity in the Kyrgyz Republic in order to promote sustainable development of economic activities in the country. The project strengthened the environmental monitoring, inspection and enforcement capacity particularly in the Chu area which is the economic centre in the country (approx. 80% of all industrial activity in Kyrgysztan is located in the area).

The first phases of the project concentrated on strengthening the horizontal monitoring information distribution chain among different monitoring authorities in the Chu area. The basic strategy of the third phase was to strengthen the vertical chain, which produces information on emissions in the Chu area. This chain includes:
  • Enterprises with self-monitoring programmes;
  • Local and regional inspectors who ensure that the self-monitoring information given by enterprises complies with the actual emissions;
  • Control and Inspection Department of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, which ensures the quality of the inspection activities carried out on local level.
The project included training for all the data producers involved in the process - national, regional and local level inspectors, and enterprises. In the MOEP, the project concentrated on creating facilities for reliable laboratory analyses, which is the basic requirement for controlling and certifying the monitoring activities carried out by the environmental inspectors. This creates basic conditions for acquiring reliable pollution discharge information, which should enable more effective enforcement of the Environmental Protection Law and implementation of economic policy instruments.

Services provided by SYKE

(in the third phase 2004-2006)

  • Project management;
  • Planning and organisation of training for all the data producers involved in the information distribution process;
  • Support in developing an Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC) approach and environmental permitting system, capacity building of inspectors;
  • Preparation of feasibility studies for selected enterprises on necessary pollution abatement measures and financing plans to implement the measures;
  • Drafting an official agreement stating the responsibilities of different institutions in the environmental monitoring in the Chu area.

More information

Brochure Kyrgyz Monitoring (pdf, 101 kt)

Ms Kati Pritsi, Project Coordinator, International Affairs Unit, Finnish Environment Institute

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