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All publications of the project are collected here.

Publications of Work Package 2:

Publications of Work Package 3:

Report: Analysis of the interfaces, possible synergies or gaps between Industrial Emission Directive, REACH Regulation, Water Framework Directive, Marine Strategy Framework Directive and the POP Regulation concerning hazardous substances

The report aims firstly to deliver recommendations for better use of information on hazardous substances generated under key legal frameworks for development of BREFs. The results are also used for developing more concrete proposals in the HAZBREF activity 3.2 “Development of a method to include information of hazardous substances into BREFs”. These proposals will be finalized by the end of 2020. 

Publications of Work Package 4:

Report: Promoting non-toxic material cycles – challenges and opportunities in the BREF process

The report focuses on enabling the progress of Circular Economy (CE) by promoting non-toxic material cycles through the BREF process. The report focuses on the CE aspects of the HAZBREF case sectors: polymers and fertilisers, textiles and the surface treatment of metals and plastics. The report includes Executive Summary.

Sector guidance on Textile Industry

BAT descriptions for TXT BREF review process

These BAT candidate descriptions are provided for the purpose of being considered by the TWG and the EIPPCB in the context of the ongoing TXT BREF review process. The document describes five different BAT candidates for textile industry. 


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