Politics, practices and the transformative potential of sustainable diets POPRASUS

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Promotion of pro-environmental behaviour has become a new normativity in food and environmental policies. Dietary change has a huge potential in combating environmental problems; too little social scientific attention has been devoted to steering diet from the sustainability view point. The POPRASUS addresses this gap in knowledge by first analysing how sustainable diet has arisen to the agenda of food and nutrition policies exploring what kind of consumer-agencies are inscribed to steering it. Secondly, we analyse and kick-start experiments that seek to promote sustainable diets and eating in an institutionalised setting of mass catering. Thirdly, we assess the practices and engagements of forerunner groups aspiring to sustainable food consumption. The results contribute to the emerging scientific and societal debate on how sustainable diet is defined and what are its barriers in everyday consumption, among different consumer groups and in institutional settings.


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