Regional Monitoring and Supervision Unit (RMSU) to provide Monitoring, Collection and Dissemination of Results of the MEDA Water Projects

Project Description

The overall objective of the Regional Monitoring and Supervision Unit (RMSU) was to assist the beneficiaries and the implementing partners of the Actions funded under the MEDA Water Programme. The programme aimed at improving local water management conditions through cooperation among non profit organisations in the EU countries and the Mediterranean partners, capacity building, construction of demonstration plants, technology transfer and awareness raising. The focus was on the following areas: water supply and waste water reuse, irrigation water management, and improving decision making structure in irrigation, rural water supply, sanitation and drought management.

The specific objectives of this RMSU were:
  • Implementation of appropriate monitoring tools to ensure effective, complete and impartial monitoring processes for the Actions funded through the MEDA Water Programme;
  • Provision of continuous overview to the Commission about the status of implementation of the MEDA Water Programme;
  • Collection and dissemination of the results produced by the Actions in the MEDA Water Programme amongst all the concerned Mediterranean Partners;
  • Promotion of interaction with the MEDA Water Facilitators network;
  • Providing MEDA Water beneficiaries and partners and EMWIS/SEMIDE with a constant flow of updated information;
  • Carrying out technical reviews of the Actions in the MEDA Water Programme;
  • Contribute to the realisation and attainment of the overall results expected from the MEDA Water Programme;
  • Provision of support to implementation of the EU Water Initiative (activities carried out by MED-EUWI secretariat).

Services provided by SYKE included

  • Participation in the technical evaluations, audits and monitoring missions;
  • Provision of expertise especially with regard to the horizontal institutional issues, such as the strengthening of institutional capacities, training, exchange of information and know-how, transfer of know-how and technology, awareness raising among government entities, mobilisation and promotion of commitment of the population;
  • Participating and contributing to seminars and conferences organised by the RMSU and - when necessary - in events organised by the MEDA Water projects in the framework of aforementioned expertise;
  • Participation in the work related to the horizontal integration of MEDA Water projects with the Mediterranean component of the EU Water Initiative (MedEUWI).

More information

Ms. Tea Törnroos, Head of International Affairs Unit, Finnish Environment Institute

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