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Strengthening of Environmental Administration and Management at the Local Level II (SEAM-II), Nepal

Project Description

The second phase of the SEAM Project aimed to secure effective use of previous project results and to continue the establishment of local and regional environmental administration in Nepal by extending project activities to six districts in the Eastern Development Region (EDR).

The activities of the SEAM-N II aimed to implement decentralization targets in practice and to promote power sharing from central level to the regional and local level. The capacity of local and regional environmental authorities in for example issuing Pollution Control Certificates, carrying out environmental inspections and complaint handling was strengthened. Whilst simultaneously industries are encouraged to fulfill their environmental obligations. A model for a nationwide water quality monitoring program and laboratory networks in Nepal was also developed

The Project aimed at promoting replication of its activities in all other Development Regions, with a goal of forming the core of a functioning regional environmental administration and an environmental monitoring system in Nepal within a 5-6 years time frame.

The project consists of three components:
  • Environmental Administration and Management
  • Industrial Environmental Management
  • Environmental Monitoring

Services provided by SYKE

SYKE provided the project's team leader and junior technical expert. Several of SYKE's experts also provided their services to the project on short-term basis. SYKE has provided expertise in for example cleaner production, pesticide monitoring, safe management of chemicals, environmental inspection and communication.

More information

SEAM-N Project - Phase 2

Mr. Lauri Kattelus, Project Manager, International Affairs Unit, Finnish Environment Institute

Published 2013-04-17 at 13:51, updated 2013-05-03 at 17:14

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