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Towards Eco-Welfare State: Orchestrating for Systemic Impact (ORSI)

The ORSI research project develops steering practices that enable the transformation to a Finnish eco-welfare state with ecologically effective and societally legitimate measures. 

The objective of the ORSI research project is to co-develop the orchestration of impact-driven governance tools and models together with our partners and collaborators for achieving an ecologically effective and societally legitimate society. The results provide knowledge on how to undertake systemic change towards an eco-welfare state, its normative foundation and ethical practices.

The main areas of focus are major domains with contradictory effects on eco-social transformation such as public budgeting, cross-sectoral steering tools and science-policy dialogue, sustainable value chains and consumption, urban innovation, and participation. In practice, we analyse eco-social policies in the fields such as transportation, circular economy and personal carbon trading.

Website: www.ecowelfare.fi

Twitter: @OrsiStn

Published 2019-09-02 at 18:14, updated 2019-10-23 at 11:55