Kraanavesi – Tap water from Finland

Kuva: Kai Widell / SYKE

High quality tap water

Finland has pure and healthy tap water, which is available almost anywhere free of charge. In Finnish we call it "kraanavesi" or "hanavesi". High quality tap water is odourless, flavourless and colourless. Quality of water resources and need for water treatment have an impact on these characteristics. Tap water in Finland is among the highest quality in the world and needs no treatment in many areas.

Available for everyone

It does not matter whether you live in Finland or only visit Finland - tap water is available for anyone to enjoy. If you carry your own reusable bottle with you (and hopefully you do), you can fill your own bottle from the tap. Ask bravely even cafés or restaurants to serve tap water for you! 

Drinks for one and for all! 







Published 2019-06-12 at 15:32, updated 2019-11-29 at 8:37
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