Understanding the link between Air pollution and Distribution of related Health Impacts and Welfare in the Nordic countries (NordicWelfAir)

The impacts from air pollution are not equally distributed, but depend on socio-demograhic and socio-economic factors, including age, gender, social status, education level, ethnic group, living conditions and life style. The overall aim of the project is to further understand the link between air pollution levels and chemical composition and to investigate and assess the effects of air pollution on the distribution of related health impacts, socio-economics and welfare in the Nordic countries (Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland).

This project includes research questions of relevance to public health in a Nordic perspective. Furthermore, the results are aimed at producing basic knowledge about the mechanisms underlying the distribution of health and the role of welfare systems in improving health and well-being. The project employs a multidisciplinary and comparative approach, including research within the areas of emission inventories, air pollution modelling, register based research, public health, epidemiology and welfare. SYKE is responsible for collecting and developing spatial high resolution emission data from the Nordic countries in a common database.

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Head of Unit Niko Karvosenoja, Finnish Environment Institute SYKE, firstname.surname@syke.fi
Air Pollution and Mitigation of Climate Change



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