Urban cooperation of the Baltic Sea countries for the protection of the marine environment (BALTICITIES)

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The BALTICITIES Project promotes the sustainable use and preservation of the Baltic Sea marine environment from a city-municipal level perspective.

Using a subset of Eastern Baltic Sea coastal cities in Finland, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia, the BALTICITIES Project is weaving a Coastal Environment Information Exchange Network. This network provides an important vehicle for in-depth discussion and exchange of experiences and the promotion of joint actions. Several sustainability issues are addressed including, reinforcing circular economy actions to mitigate sea pollution and littering, maritime safety, education and awareness raising.

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Coastal views from the Baltic Cities © Photo: Eija Rantajärvi


  • An active Coastal Environment Information Exchange Network supported by local constituencies...,

to promote....

  • …dialog and information exchange between NGOs, municipalities, companies, scientists, and citizens.
  • …environmental awareness-raising to influence local actors. 
  • …involving young people in marine environment protection.
  • …spreading best practices on addressing stated sustainability issues.
  • …cooperation synergies within/across Baltic and Finnish coastal cities for joint practical projects.


The Fin-Baltic Coastal Environment Information Exchange Network keeps up SYKE’s Gulf of Finland cooperation and incorporates into the Baltic Sea Challenge network. The Baltic Sea Challenge Network led by the cities of Helsinki and Turku provides a practical example for developing and sustaining wider cooperation.

The project supports the implementation of the goals of HELCOM's Baltic Sea Action Program.

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Ljudmila Vesikko, Senior Coordinator, Finnish Environment Institue (firstname.lastname@syke.fi)


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