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Tentative workshop agenda (pdf)

Wednesday, 20 September:

18:00-19:30                        Reception at the Embassy of Sweden, Helsinki

Thursday, 21 September:
Marine climate change and ocean acidification in the Arctic from a spatial perspective

8:30-9:00                            Registration

9:00-10:45                          Welcome and context (keynote speakers)

10:45-11:15                        Coffee break

11:15-12:15                        Group work  

12:15-13:15                        Lunch

13:15-15:30                        Group work continues

15:30-16:00                        Coffee break

16:00-16:20                        Experience from communicating science to decision makers and the public

16:20-17:00                        Group work reporting and discussion

18:30                                   Evening event in the National Library of Finland

Friday, 22 September:
MPAs and other area-based measures as tools against acidification & climate change

9:00-10:30                           Keynotes speakers: MPAs in international waters

10:30-11:00                         Coffee break

11:00-12:30                         Group work  

12:30-13:30                          Lunch

13:30-14:30                         Group work continues

14:30-15:00                         Coffee break

15:00-16:15                         Conclusions and wrap up of meeting

The programme details and given times are preliminary.

Ice view
Photo: Pauline Snoeijs-Leijonmalm
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