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Project Stage
Tailored downstream applications/products–from Copernicus to coastal and inland water monitoring

EU’s directives, such as the Water Framework Directive (WFD) set requirements for the participating countries to monitor coastal and lakes areas with high frequency and coverage. The overarching objec...

Benthic nitrous oxide cycling in a changing coastal sea (BENNO)

Will the coastal Baltic Sea become a source or sink of nitrous oxide in the future? By using a multidisciplinary approach that combines micro-sensor techniques with microbial functional gene expressio...

Governance innovations for a transition to sustainable and equitable water use in Europe GOVAQUA

GOVAQUA identifies, assesses, develops and validates innovative governance instruments and approaches to support and accelerate transition towards sustainable and equitable water use in Europe. GOVAQU...

Application of biological effects methods in monitoring and assessment of contaminants in the Baltic Sea (BEACON)

BEACON project focuses on the implementation of biological effects methods in the monitoring of marine pollution. The biological effects methods are key tools in understanding the consequences that ch...

Infrastructure for Marine and Inland Water Research (AquaINFRA)

The objective of this project is to develop a virtual environment equipped with FAIR multi-disciplinary data and services to support marine and freshwater scientists and stakeholders restoring healthy...

Water security for the planet (Water4All)

The aim of the Water4All Partnership is at enabling water security for all in the long term through boosting systemic transformations and changes across the entire research – water innovation pipeline...

Green and digital transition in river basin management (Green-Digi-Basin)

Green-Digi-Basin is targeted to find the most effective green solutions for the boreal-subarctic river basins and improve existing calculations for river connectivity, i.e. nutrient and carbon loads t...

MAAMERI – Strengthening the knowledge base for improving the status of coastal waters in the Archipelago Sea

The MAAMERI project is included in the research section of the water protection programme (2019–2023). The project aims to improve the understanding of the impact of changes in nutrient loads from lan...

Urban cooperation of the Baltic Sea countries for the protection of the marine environment (BALTICITIES)

The BALTICITIES Project promotes the sustainable use and preservation of the Baltic Sea marine environment from a city-municipal level perspective. This effort is facilitated by weaving a Fin-Baltic c...

Modelling and assessment of freshwater biodiversity loss using biological monitoring data (VESIBIO)

Modelling and assessment of freshwater biodiversity loss using biological monitoring data

Primary productivity Iron limitation in the Marginal Ice Zone of the Southern Ocean – unraveling the role of bacteria as mediators in the iron cycle (IMICROBE)

The project studies the role of bacterial iron in regulation of primary productivity of the Southern Ocean across major habitats from subtropical to seasonal sea-ice zone.

Utilization of DNA methods in assessing the ecological status and diversity of water bodies (eDNA monitor)

Testing, developing and validating the suitability of DNA methods for the assessment of both the ecological status of water bodies and species diversity.

Defining environmental criteria for the assessment of the severity of oil discharges (ÖLARVI)

The project develops environmental criteria for the assessment of the severity of illegal oil releases happening within the Finnish Exclusive Economic Zone. The project is funded by the European Marit...

European Researchers' nights (Blue nights)

The main goal of the Project is to generate young people's interest in marine science and inspire them to pursue a career in research and innovation.

Enhancing the marine and coastal biodiversity of the Baltic Sea in Finland and promoting the sustainable use of marine resources (BIODIVERSEA LIFE-IP)

Biodiversea LIFE IP (2021—2029) is the largest collaborative project in Finland to safeguard the diverse nature of the Baltic Sea.

Publication and crowdsourcing analysis of phenomena of interest in EO products (EO-Crowd)


AI artificial intelligence in water sector (AI Vesi360)

Objectives The aim is to study the utilization of artificial intelligence in water sector: • In forecasting (water level): Does artificial intelligence replace traditional modeling methods? With ope...

Life in the fast lane: Revealing high-frequency plankton dynamics with multi-device imaging and open-set image classification (FASTVISION-plus)

The consortium will combine front-line plankton imaging instrumentation and taxonomic expertise of SYKE and computer vision and image analysis excellence of LUT. Images provided by automated imaging i...

Baltic Sea Pharma Platform (BSR Pharma)


Effects of ultrasonic control of cyanobacteria on plankton community (UltraPlan)

UltraPlan project investigates the ability of an ultrasound-producing raft to control cyanobacterial blooms and the raft’s effects on phytoplankton and zooplankton communities as well as on water qual...

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