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By using the search tool on the right-hand column, you will find the ongoing projects and projects completed in 2012 - 2017, as well as other central projects that have been completed earlier.

The search results are listed according to the order of which website has been published last, with the newest website listed at the top.

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Project Stage
Developing mobile services for in-situ monitoring, data storing and sharing (HALI)

Aim is to automate traditional in-situ measurements in environment monitoring by giving up on paper forms in field observations within environment administration by 2016. This supports objectives of t...

Intellectually driven management of natural resources of Green Belt of Fennoscandia, IntellGreenBelt

The project shall provide information support to hunters, fishermen and education tourists, and implement a number of small infrastructure-building investment projects in selected areas. In the long-t...

Nordic WFD conference 2014

The Nordic WFD Conference on How to improve resource effective implementation of WFD in Nordic countries will be held in the City of Oulu in Finland on 19th of March 2014.

Operationalisation of Natural capital and Ecosystem Services: From concepts to real-world applications (OpenNESS)

OpenNESS aims to translate the concepts of Natural Capital (NC) and Ecosystem Services (ES) into operational frameworks that provide tested, practical and tailored solutions for integrating ES into la...

Knowledge, communication and targeting of biodiversity conservation

This interdisciplinary research project addresses the targeting challenge in allocating the efforts to conserve biodiversity. Taking the practice of biodiversity conservation and the local actors’ exp...

Climate Change and Water Cycle: Effect to Water Resources and their Utilization in Finland (ClimWater)

The general objective of the research is to investigate how climate change will affect water resources and their use in Finland. The work is relevant for different sectors of society including hydro-p...

Restoring Europe's Rivers (RESTORE)

RESTORE encourages the restoration of European rivers which refers to bringing rivers and their catchment areas back towards a more original and natural state. This delivers increased ecological quali...

EC DG ENV – Framework contract for services related to coordination between the different marine regions in implementing the ecosystem approach

The overall objective of the multiple framework contract is be to support the coherence of the implementation of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (2008/56/EC) within and among marine regions an...

National environment monitoring strategy & development program MONITOR 2020

The national monitoring strategy of the state of the environment defines strategic targets for the gathering, storage and utilisation of environmental data, as well as means of, and measures for, achi...

Impacts of climate change on multiple ecosystem services: Processes and adaption options at landscape scales (CLIMES)

Climate change provides a major challenge for the sustainable management of the key ecosystem services and therefore sector-specific adaptation measures are needed. This joint project of Chinese and F...

Identification guide of Finnish Opiliones and Pseudoscorpions

In this project the aim is to produce a well-written identification book with descriptions and identification keys for all the Finnish harvestman and pseudoscorpion species, including basic knowledge ...

Towards reliable extinction threat evaluation of the poorly known wood-inhabiting fungi

This consortium of three research projects aims to increase knowledge on deficiently known wood-inhabiting fungi, especially their ecology, distribution and causes for endangerment.

Identification guide of Finnish Planthoppers

A guide book of Finnish planthoppers will be compiled in the project.

Carbon Neutral Municipalities (Hinku)

The Carbon Neutral Municipalities project brings municipalities, businesses, citizens and experts together to create and carry out solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The involved municipali...

Regulation by environmental quality standards - Institutionalisation of ecosystem approach in coastal management (ENSCA)

This project analyses, with the help of a case study, how the EU Water Framework Directive translates into action. The focus is on the processes that integrate the principles and objectives of WFD int...

Finnish Long-Term Socio-Ecological Research network FinLTSER

FinLTSER (Finnish Long-Term Socio-Ecological Research network) brings together the Finnish research sites and scientists that have conducted world-class research on long-term socio-ecological processe...

B/ordering food chains -- comparative study on negotiating quality and environmental standards into meat production and consumption in Finland

The study focuses on how environmental, welfare or other quality standards participate in b/ordering 'quality' markets in meat chains.

Future innovation and technology policy for sustainable system-level transitions: the case of transport (FIP-Trans)

The overall aim of the project was to generate policy options and frameworks for innovation policy that will facilitate system-level transitions in the transport sector and related industries in Finla...

Knowledge-based Sustainable Management for Europe's Seas (KnowSeas)

The KnowSeas project will develop a comprehensive scientific knowledge base and practical guidance for the application of the Ecosystem Approach to the sustainable development of Europe's regional sea...

Assessing limits of adaptation to climate change and opportunities for resilience to be enhanced (A-LA-CARTE)

A-LA-CARTE explored limits of adaptation to anticipated climate change, investigated the extent to which present-day systems are resilient to changes in climate and explored the options for enhancing ...

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