Joint ICP Waters and ICP IM Task Force meeting 2018 - presentations

Monday May 7


a.   Executive Body and updates from the CLRTAP (Krzysztof Olendrzynski)
b.   Reports from Working Group on Effects and the Bureau (Salar Valinia, Gunnar Skotte)
c.   Saltsjöbaden VI (Martin Forsius)
d.   Current issues ICP IM (Chair ICP IM, Salar Valinia,Ulf Grandin)
e.   Current issues ICP Waters (Chair ICP Waters, Gunnar Skotte)

Reports from other ICPs (Chaired by ICP IM)

a.   ICP Forests activities (Walter Seidling)


Thematic sessions I (Chaired by ICP Waters)

a.    Introduction to the thematic sessions

State Environmental Monitoring in Poland - Organisation of Integrated Monitoring of Natural Environment in Poland NEC Directive (Anna Katarzyna Wiech, Andrzej Kostrzewski)

b.    Acidification and recovery

I.    ICP Waters regional acidification assessment (Kari Austnes)
II.   Regional assessment of freshwater acidification in Poland (Rafal Ulanczyk)
III.  Acidification and recovery in Swedish lakes and streams (Jens Fölster)
IV.  Assessment of accumulation and spatial distribution of nitrogen and sulfur dioxides in atmosphere of Northern part of Armenia and potential population health risk (Marine Nalbandyan)
V.   An update of the acidification and nitrogen status of high altitude lakes in Alps: 2017 vs 1980s (Michela Rogora)

c.    Heavy metals and POPs

I.    30 years of integrated POPs monitoring at the background observatory Kosetice (Roman Prokes)
II.   Pollution and anthropogenic-induced processes impact on lakes quality of Russian Arctic region (Marina Dinu)
III.&IV.  Temporal trends in heavy metals across IM sites and Mercury in fish report - key findings and policy relevance (Staffan Åkerblom)

d.  Climate (and land use)

I.  Predicting DOC response to reductions in acid deposition (Don Monteith)
II. Are boreal lakes pipes or chimneys in the global carbon cycle - Long-term monitoring of DOC and process-based modelling in a lake catchment (Heleen de Wit)


Tuesday May 8

Thematic sessions II (Chaired by ICP IM)

e.  Biodiversity

I.  Observed and modelled trends in forest vegetation in ICP Integrated Monitoring, Forests, and LTER sites in Europe (Gisela Pröll)

f.    Nitrogen

I.   Nitrogen and phosphorus at Lysina CZ02 (Pavel Krám)
II.   Long-term changes in the inorganic nitrogen output fluxes in European ICP Integrated Monitoring catchments - an assessment of the role of internal nitrogen parameters (Jussi Vuorenmaa)
III.  Reactive nitrogen in freshwaters - the 2019 ICP Waters report (Heleen de Wit)
IV.  Nitrogen budget at the IM station Puszcza Borecka (Rafal Ulanczyk)

g.    The NEC directive. Status and progress

I.   Introduction/background NEC Directive (Salar Valinia)
II.  Spanish aquatic ecosystem monitoring programs: possibilities to comply with requirements of NEC Directive and ICP Waters and ICP IM (Manuel Toro Velasco)


Wednesday May 9

Common sessions of ICP Waters and ICP Integrated Monitoring (Chaired by ICP Waters)

a.    Chemical and biological inter-calibration (ICP Waters)

I.   Biological intercalibration 2017 (Anker Halvorsen)
II.  Chemical intercalibration (Øyvind Garmo)

b.    Thematic reports of common interest

I.   Status and future plans ICP Waters (Heleen de Wit)
II.  Future plans ICP IM (Martin Forsius)


Separate Task Force meetings

ICP IM 26th Task Force  (Ulf Grandin, Salar Valinia)

ICP IM data base status (Sirpa Kleemola)

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