Arctic Preparedness Platform for Oil Spill and Other Environmental Accidents - APP4SEA


Basic project information

APP4SEA is a transnational competence project, which aims to strengthen the preparedness of environmental authorities and the awareness of general public in the coastal areas of the NPA region regarding oil spill response. Combating oil spills in harsh,

northern conditions is challenging with current technologies. Oil spills do not recognize national borders, and inefficiencies are brought by different practices and methods, which are used by different countries, as well as the challenges due to different sea and environmental conditions.

More information

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The main goal of APP4SEA is to improve oil spill response (OSR) preparedness in the NPA region by:

  • Pooling competences across the region: partners in Finland, Norway, Iceland and Scotland;
  • Upskilling local authorities in charge of oil spill response at sea: transferring best practices and tools;
  • Raising awareness in coastal communities: risks associated with increased marine traffic;
  • Protecting natural and cultural heritage: marine bird species, livelihood of coastal communities.


The main objectives of the App4SEAproject are:

  • Introduce local coastal authorities to state-of-the-art technologies to improve organizational knowledge and operational performance;
  • Make sure that internationally/locally discovered know-hows are recognized and used;
  • Form a transnational expert pool to share knowledge on oil behavior on sea, oil spill response methods, experience with tools and models;
  • Provide local authorities and communities with an open access knowledge bank;
  • Offer a decision-making tool to aid efficient response, aimed at minimizing ecological risks;
  • Offer interactive educational material to educational institutes.

Concept and approach

The project has the following Work Package structure:

  • Management
  • Best Technological Practices
  • Interactive Smart Map
  • Shared Oil Database and Response Model
  • Environmental Contamination and Ecological Impact
  • Communication

The consortium and contact persons

Lead partner

University of Oulu/ Energy and Environmental Engineering Research Unit, Finland

Prof. Eva Pongrácz, Project Leader
E-mail: eva.pongracz(at)

Niko Hänninen, Project Manager
E-mail: niko.hanninen(at)

Other partners

Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE), Finland
Jorma Rytkönen
E-mail: jorma.rytkonen(at)

Ossi Tonteri
E-mail: ossi.tonteri(at)

Kirsten Jörgensen
E-mail: kirsten.jorgensen(at)

Norwegian meteorological Institute, Norway

North Highland College, Scotland

University of Iceland, Iceland

Norwegian Coastal Administration, Norway

Associate Organisations

Scottish Natural Heritage, Scotland

Marine Scotland, Scotland

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