Barents Black Carbon

SYKE has long contributed to the development of the Barents area through various projects such as the EU-funded Action on Black Carbon in the Arctic (EUA-BCA) contributing to the development of collective responses to reduce black carbon emissions in the Arctic and to reinforce international cooperation to protect the Arctic environment. As a complementary action to the wider Barents area development by various actors, SYKE is coordinating and implementing this multi-funded action of compiling and disseminating the existing materials (such as produced in the EUA-BCA regarding black carbon emission reduction) in a compact and exploitable format. The purpose of the activity is to make use of synergies in order to increase coherence and add impact value of previous and ongoing work in the area.


Aim and objectives

The activity aims at enhancing the reduction of black carbon emissions through increased awareness by improving the availability of and access to scientifically approved materials which are expected to inform sustainable decision making in the Barents area.


Target audience and key beneficiaries

The envisaged audience and key beneficiaries are the Barents area local authorities, especially in Russia, responsible eg. for public procurement of energy and transportation solutions. In addition, the materials serve the scientific networks working with air pollution and especially black carbon emission reduction as well as with climate change mitigation.


Outcomes and outputs


The key outcomes of the activity are as follows:


i) Enhanced availability of and access to materials regarding black carbon emission reduction through value-adding compilation of existing materials in an exploitable, tailored and translated format.


ii) Increased awareness of black carbon emission reduction and it’s impacts in the Barents area through shared materials.


The key outcome of the project will be achieved through the following key outputs:


i) Targeted, solution-oriented material package as an online publication (available on the Barents Secretariat’s internet page), both in English and Russian.

Published 2022-02-09 at 10:07, updated 2022-02-09 at 10:07

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