Digitalizing water resource measurement and observation – Intelligent control for new measurement technologies (VEMIDI)


Government Key ProjectsTechnological advances offer several new methods for environmental monitoring. The information produced with different methods is not uniform and requires advanced data and quality control. There is an international demand for systems that can handle this kind of heterogeneous data. The project is a part of the Finnish governments key project Blue bioeconomy.


The objective for this project is to implement and demonstrate new technologies and measurement methods in an integrated environmental monitoring system. The system enables interoperability of different data sources and assembles a value chain from sensor to services in the field of water resource management and safety. The produced knowledge can be used to create international business opportunities.

In the project, data will be produced with new intelligent and cost effective sensors, unmanned aerial vehicles such as drones. Citizen science and third party data sources will also be utilized. Interfaces enable links between different digital systems and for data-analysis machine learning and advanced calculation methods will be used. FWF will identify and contact potential partners regarding export potential of the demonstrated technology. For example the markets in China and Central Asia are interesting considering export of water resource measurement applications.

Demonstrations on water quality measurements and quality control will be held as a part of the project.

Work packages

  1. System implementation
  2. Sensors and datasources
  3. Algorithm services
  4. Business development and dissemination

More information

Project manager Joonas Kahiluoto, Finnish Environment Institute SYKE
Tel. +358 50 320 9965

Published 2019-01-25 at 15:05, updated 2020-07-30 at 15:58