KALPA-3 Road Dust Sources, Emission Reduction Measures and Air Quality Impacts- Research Project

Road dust emissions, sources, their effect on the air quality as well as mitigation measures have previously been studied within the KAPU- and REDUST- projects and NASTA research program. From 2015 onwards, road dust research has continued within the framework of the KALPA project, of which the third phase is underway (2019-2020). The goal of the KALPA project is:

  • To find out the factors influencing emissions and concentrations as well as the proportions of different sources in different street environments
  • Identify the most effective emission reduction potentials, document best practices and facilitate their implementation
  • Continue road dust research in the Helsinki metropolitan area on the footsteps of KAPU, NASTA, REDUST and KALPA projects.

In order to achieve these goals, measurements and modeling are performed in the Helsinki metropolitan area and Kuopio, using several methods and targeting different street environments and different seasons. In addition KALPA research benefits from the extensive use of existing materials.

Further information: Head of Unit, Niko Karvosenoja, Finnish Environment Institute SYKE, etunimi.sukunimi@syke.fi

Published 2020-04-17 at 9:02, updated 2021-11-03 at 9:55