Samassa Vedessä - Shared waters

Goal of the project is to produce science-based information for strengthening the knowledge base for agricultural water protection and nutrient load regulation. We will examine the nutrient load from agriculture from the points of view of science, society, law and production. The three-year study will involve dialogue with stakeholders and farmers in all stages.

The project is cordinated by SYKE (Dos. Petri Ekholm).

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Work package 1: Toward a digital leap in environmental protection and its efficient management

Leaders: Jussi Kauppila & Jani Salminen, SYKE

Task 1A: The legal and practical requirements for a unified nutrient data system

Leader: Jussi Kauppila SYKE

Task 1B: Evaluating and optimising agri-environmental measures with the help of field-plot-specific data

Leader: Jani Salminen, SYKE


Work package 2: Agricultural phosphorus and eutrophication

Leader: Risto Uusitalo, Luke

Task 2A: Effects of no-till on dissolved and particulate phosphorus

Leader: Risto Uusitalo, Luke

Task 2B: Release of phosphorous from soil in bodies of water

Leader: Risto Uusitalo, Luke

Task 2C: Using structure lime to reduce agricultural phosphorus losses

Leader: Risto Uusitalo, Luke

Task 2D: Cost-effective control of phosphorous load causing eutrophication

Leader: Antti Iho, Luke


Work package 3: Adaptation of sustainable farming systems to changing climatic and environmental conditions – practical solutions in pilot areas and monitoring the impact of measures

Leader: Laura Alakukku, HY

Task 3A: The system analytic method in managing environmental flows

Leader Markku Puustinen & Sari Väisänen, SYKE

Task 3B: Creating a new monitoring platform

Leader: Sirkka Tattari, SYKE

Task 3C: Sizing of two-level channels and improving the efficiency of wetlands

Leader: Turo Hjerppe/Jari Koskiaho SYKE

Task 3D: Improving the soil structure of fields

Leader Marja Jalli, Luke & Laura Alakukku, HY

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