Privacy notice on processing of personal data in the ‘Public Science for Sustainable Living Environments’ (PUBS/KARKKI) research project

This privacy notice contains information to be disclosed with the data subjects in accordance with Article 13 and 14 of the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Parliament and Council. This privacy notice contains information on how personal data is collected, used, disclosed and stored in the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE). 

Data controller and data protection officer 

Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) 
Latokartanonkaari 11 
00790 Helsinki
Email address:
Confidential e-mail address:
tel. +358 295 252 001 

Contact details of the data controller: 
Taru Peltola, associate professor 

Contact details of the data protection officer: 

Legal basis for data processing 

We process your personal data based on your informed consent (Article 6 section 1 a of the General Data Protection Regulation) and for the purposes of scientific research (Article 6 section 1 e of the General Data Protection Regulation). In addition, the processing is based on the section 4, paragraph 1 and 3 of the Finnish Data Protection Act (1050/2018)  

Collected and processed personal data and the purpose for processing 

The personal data collected in the PUBS research project (or KARKKI in Finnish) include name, organization, phone number and email address. Also video, photo and sound material will be collected. The information is collected via questionnaires, interviews, workshops and other events organized by the project. Participation is voluntary.  

Personal data is collected and processed in order to collect research data and for communication purposes. The names of the individual persons participating in the research are not used in the analysis of the research material or in the reporting of the results. Collected personal data will not be used for automatic decision making nor profiling.  

Sources of personal data 

Participants’ personal data is collected from public websites and documents and from the participants themselves. When personal data is requested from the participants themselves, we will also ask their consent for storing and using of their personal data. The collection of personal data for the purposes of research will be agreed upon separately amongst those concerned. 

Recipients of personal data 

Persons appointed to work in the SYKE PUBS project have access to the personal data. In addition, the personnel working for the survey tool Webropol has access to the data. Similarly, members of the staff or service providers conducting the transcription of sound material have access to personal data. These service providers are considered as personal data processors and they should follow SYKE guidelines regarding personal data procession. Personal data will not be disclosed to countries outside the EU or the EEA 

Protection of personal data 

The personal data collected with the Webropol software will be stored in the Webropol-service ( Connection to the service is secured with SLL certificate. In SYKE, only persons appointed to PUBS project and with Webropol account can access the personal data.   

The data controller SYKE has implemented technical and organisational measures necessary to protect personal data and also require these measures of any service providers used by them. 

Storing of personal data 

Personal data will be kept for as long as the PUBS project has fulfilled its purpose. However, personal data will be removed when the project ends, latest in year 2025.  

Data subject’s rights 

You have the right to know how your data is processed and for what purpose. This notice aims to provide an extensive explanation about personal data processing in the PUBS project. If anything regarding our data processing is unclear, you may send in further questions to the contact person named in this notice. 

If any of your personal data is inaccurate, you may request us to rectify the inaccurate and faulty data. When we rectify data on the basis of your request, we are obliged, if possible, to inform all recipients to whom the personal data has been disclosed of the rectification of the personal data. You have the right to delete your personal data and to restrict its processing.  Not all of these rights can be exercised in all situations, depending on factors such as the basis for the processing of personal data. You also have the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority. 

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