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Vision 2030

Together with our partners and stakeholders we have succeeded in guiding society’s development onto a sustainable path.

Mission statement

The Finnish Environment Institute produces relevant information, novel understanding and innovative solutions for achieving sustainable development.


Responsibility, openness and fairness are the cornerstones of our way of working. We are hungry for success, and take failures as good lessons for improvement.

Strategic objectives

SYKE’s impact stems from its reliable, research-based data, which is used widely in environment-related decision-making both in Finland and elsewhere in the world. Our research and development work is proactive and ambitious. Through constructive cooperation we generate knowledge, understanding and solutions that:

  • accelerate the transition needed for combating climate change and strengthening sustainable circular economy
  • transform our urban areas into sustainability forerunners/trailblazers
  • protect and enrich biodiversity thus also safeguarding human well-being
  • ensure the sustainable use of water resources as well as the good condition of coastal and inland waters by novel combinations of methods a
  • apply new approaches and methods of producing environmental information to respondto the emerging user needs of a digitalising society

Our way of operating

We are known for

  • responsibility and high ethical values
  • applying principles of open data and open science
  • actively identifying new opportunities and developing solutions through our partner and stakeholder networks holistic and integrated approach aiming at understanding multiple interlinkages in the environment and society
  • jointly carrying responsibility for our work and well-being in our diverse work community
  • maintaining our expertise up-to-date
  • continuous improvement of our operations
  • systematic management of risks related to our activities
  • minimising the environmental impacts of our operations
Published 2020-06-17 at 15:30, updated 2020-06-17 at 15:48