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SYKE – crucial information and innovative solutions for a sustainable society

Strategy 2015-2018

Human activities put our planet and its ecosystems at serious risks. We are using increasing amounts of natural resources and energy, and competition for land is intensifying. But if we act urgently and responsibly we can still find ways to live sustainably.

SYKE studies the sustainability of societal development paths by combining knowledge and expertise from many disciplines. We identify effective solutions and promote their implementation through a holistic and open approach in collaboration with others. Our experts are well-known in Finland and internationally as responsible and creative environmental professionals.

Passion, expertise and courage are our trademarks. We strive boldly to succeed, and learn from  failures. We continuously look for new challenges, approaches and answers. We treat everyone fairly and with respect.

Our objectives

  • We produce crucial information and innovative solutions for an ecologically, economically and socially sustainable society.
  • We respond proactively to society’s ever-changing information needs.
  • We make a difference for decision-making in the public and private sector through our internationally recognised research and development activities and our high quality expertise.

Our focus areas

The focus of our work is on six key themes, in each of which we identify our own niche:

  • Climate change mitigation and adaptation
  • Sustainable management of the Baltic Sea and freshwater resources
  • Sustainability of consumption and production
  • Maintaining ecosystem services and biodiversity
  • Sustainability of land use and the built environment
  • Production and utilization of environmental information

We allocate the resources to our key tasks with a farsighted perspective, and adopt new financing models to diversify our sources of funding.

How we work

  • We have a holistic approach.
  • We work openly and internationally and in an ethically sustainable manner in everything we do.
  • We follow the principles of open science and open access to information.
  • We are proactive and work in collaboration with other research institutes, universities, public administration and businesses.
  • We explore actively new ways of working and producing information.
  • We work on international, national and regional scales, depending on the issue at stake.
  • We make sure we manage the risks related to our operation and reduce the environmental burden of our activities.
  • We renew our expertise to meet changing needs, and we apply the most up-to-date know-how from different disciplines.
  • We all share responsibility for our work and our working community.
  • We improve our activities constantly and systematically.

For the implementation of the strategy more detailed plans will be prepared. We regularly evaluate our achievements and analyze changes in our operating environment.  We adapt our activities promptly as deemed necessary.


Published 2015-03-24 at 15:04, updated 2018-02-14 at 12:03