Circular economy solutions

The primary responsibility of the circular economy solutions unit is to accelerate the transition to a sustainable circular economy and bioeconomy.

The following groups are under the Circular economy solutions unit: 

Development manager of the societal change unit

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Pekka Leskinen
unit director


The duties of the groups under the Circular economy solutions unit 

Industry and value chains group  

  • studies the management of environmental impacts and risks in production and value chains,  
  • manages BAT coordination and support tasks in industry-related environmental regulation,  
  • develops and applies Do No Significant Harm (DNSH) assessments,  
  • manages and develops regulation and cooperation on persistent organic compounds (POP compounds),  
  • develops ecological planning in industry.  

Waste group  

  • studies and monitors the circular economy, with a focus on prevention of waste accumulation, reuse, a sustainable relationship with possessions, recycling, and a sustainable circular economy with plastics,  
  • studies and monitors municipal waste, industrial waste (especially mining waste), POP waste and hazardous waste,  
  • contributes to the support of waste policies, impact assessments and research, 
  • manages waste reporting and the waste information service, development of the information system in the waste sector, and user support for the shipment document register,  
  • provides EU expert support in soil protection.  

Contaminants group  

  • studies and develops sustainable restoration of contaminated areas and risk management (soil, groundwater, sediments),  
  • studies and develops risk management of recycled materials,  
  • evaluates the occurrence and environmental impacts of contaminants.  

Use of natural resources group  

  • studies and develops environmentally extended economic models (ENVIMAT model family),  
  • develops environmental and materials accounting and analyses,  
  • reviews scenarios and systemic effects of the circular economy and green transition,  
  • evaluates sustainability of the use of natural resources.  

Policy and consumption group

  • studies the policy and steering methods of the circular economy,  
  • reviews products, business models and markets in line with the circular economy. 
  • studies and assesses sustainable consumption.  
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