Climate solutions

The primary responsibility of the climate solutions unit is to speed up the mitigation of climate change and adjustment with the change.

The following groups are under the Climate solutions unit: 

Development managers of the Climate solutions unit:

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Jyri Seppälä
unit director


The duties of the groups under the Climate solutions unit: 

Air pollution group  

  • manages emissions inventory, scenarios and impact assessments on impurities, 
  • contributes to the calculation of national and regional greenhouse gas emissions, 
  • produces models and tools to support decision-making.  

Sustainability group  

  • implements a scenario, steering method reviews and impact assessments on climate action,  
  • studies the utilization of biomass and climate impacts of land use and their sustainability, 
  • studies the energy economy and the sustainability of energy solutions,  
  • implements the coordination of life cycle assessments and life cycle reviews.  

Regions and municipalities group  

  • supports and develops climate work and analyses of provinces and municipalities, 
  • studies climate measures and their consequences,  
  • implements and develops estimates and scenarios on emissions at the regional level, 
  • studies climate impacts of consumption and steering thereof.  

Hydrological forecasting group  

  • manages hydrological forecasts and scenarios,  
  • implements real-time and operational flood, drought and water system forecasts, 
  • participates in the operation of the Flood Centre,  
  • studies adaptation measures and impact assessments on hydrological changes. 

Policies and risks group  

  • studies a low-carbon transition that is fair and climate resilient,  
  • studies the public and private sector's and citizens' climate measures through researched data and communication,  
  • studies climate impacts and risks as well as adaptation to climate change, carries out research on climate change and future scenarios that  support policy analyses. 


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