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Jari Silander


Senior Resea rch Scientist (MONITOR 2020 programme)

Dr. Water resources. AI, urban water & education (economics, meteorology, product development)

Email: firstname.lastname@environment.fi

Telephone: +358 295 251 638
Skype: jsisyke

Finnish Environment Centre, Freshwater Centre
Street address: Latokartanonkaari 11
Postal address: 00790 Helsinki, Finland

A government Key Project ÄlyVesi on Artificial intelligence and IoT in water sector (2018-2020). We use machine learning to detect species in land and water in small and large scale, biomass, algae, water level and ice movement. Deep learning is used for water forecasting. Different IoT equipment and 5G-networks are  also used.


Viro kuvaukset kesällä 2019
Large scale mapping of invasives in Estonia 2019

MONITOR2020 is a national environment monitoring strategy & development program.  The steering group earlier leaded by a Chief Secretary of Ministry.

A government Key Project for Education (2017-2018)

CLIC Innovation Cluster 


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